Sunday, 16 August 2009

Visit Manchester Website Tender

Whilst working at Code Computerlove Andrew Lyster and I were asked to shoot a video for a visitmanchester tender, we overlayed graphics to illustrate how the user could interact with the visitmanchester website whilst they were actually in the city, meaning that they could access up to the minute information such as hotspots and make last minute plans. Giving Manchester its own localised feed of tweets, venue ratings, etc would encourage locals and visitors alike to get involved in online activity promoting the city. Users could update text/photo/video feeds for their friends to view through social networks and at the end of the visit the app would compile a digital diary for viewing. Unfortunately we didn't win the tender, but were given great feedback, well done to Magnetic North for getting it, I'm looking forward to seeing the work.

Visit Manchester from Andrew Lyster on Vimeo.

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