Thursday, 15 October 2009

Art Direction Spreads

The brief for this project was to create art directed magazine spreads to the word Restriction. We were only permitted to use Helvetica for text and had to ha ve a consistent colour scheme for consistency.

The first spread came about from looking at the obvious ways of physically restricting something, although not the strongest page in a conceptual sense it does have a nice aesthetic. The door is fit to the right hand page so that when you turn it, it appears as though you are closing the fridge door.

The second spread is a culmination of several responses to the brief word. One of them being the exclamation mark revealing the fridge image beneath as a mask, and the other in the appearance of a loose page masking the story of Alice in Wonderland so that the reader can only access certain sections of the story.

The third spread is by far the most personal to me, one of the themes I thought most important was restriction in a social sense, I was brought up in the town of Oldham in Northwest England which is renowned for its high number of unemployed residents and poor council services. I believe that your area of upbringing should not stunt your ambitions but instead encourage you to do better, I found a quote from millionaire Duncan Bannantyne, stating that he came from a poor town but didn’t allow it to get him down.

The final spread is a purely visual response based on an article I read in the news, a trans-gender student at Manchester University had appealed for the establishment to implement mixed gender toilets as it caused tension with other students. I find it quite amusing that in the 21st century we still consider gender differentiation necessary when it is such a trivial affair. Looking at images in the research stages I discovered that the urinal looked very similar to the female sex symbol upside down, so I figured that parodying the issue using these icons would be effective. The sex symbol was created using the helvetica t and O.

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