Thursday, 15 October 2009

D&AD Student Awards 2008

This was my response to one of the 2009 D&AD briefs to design covers using typography for the Film series in the Faber & Faber collection. I could not dismiss the fact that the series would be printed using the print on demand service, previously utilised in the award winning work Michael Place did for the Faber finds collection. Instead of using generative coding to create unique covers I found that individuals handwriting can be just as beautiful and intriguing, and it suggests back to a time when we used to label everything from video cassettes to audio tapes and the like. Keeping this in mind I generated visuals for a possible online service allowing customers to choose the colour of their book sleeve and the opportunity to write personal messages on the cover, ideal for sending as a gift or to organise the books by personal preference such as genre.

The book covers themselves are set in a simple template layout, much like a school workbook allowing them to be bought instore and customised by hand. The thing I love about this concept is how it challenges the user to be less protective over purchased goods and be a little more involved in the design process, by colour choice and label copy writing.

Following on from the online service, the user would be able to save their designs in an online bookshelf (see the second image), here they can see how the books will look together at home on their real bookshelves.

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