Friday, 16 October 2009

Kino4 Arthouse Film Posters

During the summer we were set a brief by the tutors at university to design posters for a weekly arthouse film club called KINO4. My responses were based on the idea of encouraging debate, as I understand these films tend to voice a strong social or political statement. Because the screenings are aimed at design students I surmised that an interative way of sparking debate and interest around the film topics could be through the act of drawing, providing a slightly different angle on the traditional poster. The atmosphere in the studio during the group pinup session was very exciting, people were engaging with the pieces as I had hoped, the tutors and even some of the third year illustration students made contributions.

The feedback I got back from tutors was not as strong as I had expected, they said the idea seemed to be trying hard to be innovative and came across as gimmicky. They also commented on the fact that some responses were quite adolescent and should probably require some kind of mediation before any publication could occur. I don't think I totally agree with this, I believe in free speech for everybody and the main purpose of the sketching discussions on the posters was to show the variety and depth of opinions around the themes. I suggested that a further development that could solve this would be to pull in global twitter feeds and display the information on the posters to illustrate a more democratic opinion pool on the respective topics.

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