Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wander One Day Project

Just completed a fantastic one day workshop with John Walsh. We started off in a group of three with a map of a half square mile area that we could explore, taking photographs, doing quick sketches and collecting ephemera. I found this quite bizarre at first, going out without an agenda and trying not to think like a designer - just simply looking. I did some sketching work of lines and shapes that I found particularly interesting without looking at the drawing pad. The results probably look to some quite child like but I think through their creation they act as important observational recordings, and intriguing abstracted artifacts which I would like to display sometime perhaps or re-explore.

We were asked to then choose 30 images/and or found objects and do some experiments with them to create new composite images. I did a few experiments in photoshop but felt like I had too much imagery and not enough restrictions to create anything of any substantial value. I decided it would be a nice idea to experiment on the photocopier, I took my two found objects, a washer and a cable tie and scanned them, rescanned them and overlayed the printed image with the objects on the glass bed over and over again, tore some images and experimented with compositions.

We were then asked to pair up with a partner and then crash our experiments together to see what outcomes we could make. Suggestions included business cards, posters or zines. We decided to document our experiments in a zine format, to appreciate the beauty of the found objects, we inserted some pages of acetate we had coloured up on the colour photocopier also which added an extra tactile element to the publication.


  1. Gorgeous mate. I love the end product - I'm glad you got something out of the day. What I love even more are your presentation photographs - how you've held them up to the window during sunset, out of which was the area of manchester we were working in - nice touch! x

  2. You produced some cool stuff - very jealous!