Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New York silence experiment

Whilst in New York I set myself a brief that I had come up with during the preliminary stages of the Ian Anderson workshop, which was to take photographs with the lens cap on the camera. To illustrate the image that had been taken, I had to provide annotations of the place, subject, time of day and image orientation.

As I am interested in the fragility and difference between personal memory and collective memory, I figured New York would be a perfect place to do it, because even if you have never been there, chances are you know the landmarks from television, film and photography.

The choice of subjects vary, I have photographed friends on the trip, whom the viewer of this piece will likely not have seen, and made vague reference to the area and angle which the photo is taken, bringing the viewers own assumptions and imagination into play.

I admit the format for presentation and language used in the annotations are not developed enough yet, but I definitely feel I am at a checkpoint in the brief and a tutorial would not go a miss. Keeping this idea of annotated blank imagery in mind, I would now like to explore the possibilities of pamphlet formats and folds, as the brief states the output must be a direct mail concept and/or poster.

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