Sunday, 13 December 2009

Alex Ostrowski 17.11.09

YCN started eight years ago with the aim of publishing communication challenges from businesses. It also works as an ilustration agency and design studio, providing creative opportunities and commissioning work from post graduates.

A recent development in the YCN which I find interesting, was the idea of opening a free lending library specialising in the creative arts. They publicise this rather nicely with regular events, inviting noteworthy designers, illustrators, architects, etc into the office to present and elaborate on their five favourite books.

Alex is a graphic designer who now works at the YCN, he studied at Bristol and his work ranges from book design to illustration. Although his lecture on the YCN was rather dull, and obviously a ploy to encourage students to choose YCN briefs this year, his personal work is intelligent and appropriately modest in its presentation.

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