Sunday, 13 December 2009

Microbiology & Art 11.11.09

"'Speaking with the Sun' Every letter was formed by thousands of microscopic, single celled algae (Euglena Gracilis). A stencil for each letter was placed in front of a jar containing the algae. Thereby, restricting the amount of light available to them. Because light is essential for photosynthesis, the Euglena moved towards the light that did pass through the stencils using a response known as phototaxis. Each letter took around fifteen minutes to form. The algae ‘spell out’ the scientific formula for photosynthesis. Aquatic algae produce the majority of the life-supporting oxygen that is required by all living organisms. In return, our reciprocal relationship provides them with carbon dioxide. Digital Hasselblad with macro extension tubes. Composite created in Photoshop."

Art made by controlling the behaviour of microorganisms, photographed and then printed onto items such as ties, scarves and underwear.

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