Monday, 15 February 2010

My logo and ident designs UPDATED

I've been working on a few idents and logos recently and figured it would be a good time to update my portfolio. Here is a sheet showing some logos designed freelance for clients and some for projects at university.

Valentines Teacup window design

On friday I was asked by John Walsh to work on a valentines theme window for teacup on thomas st, I worked on some design ideas with teacups and hearts but in the end we went for a decorative heart pattern which I think works really well with the interior of the shop. Thanks to Jen and Nathan for helping out.

Burial myspace design now live

After several hours of playing around with html coding and adjustments in photoshop I finally finished the myspace design for black metal band 'Burial' yesterday. You can view it live at

Friday, 12 February 2010

My Ian Anderson workshop work featured on VizThink

I was really happy to find out today that my work from the Ian Anderson workshop last term, was featured on An international website that aims to promote visual thinking from all over the globe, they also run conferences and workshops across North America and Europe.

You can see the page I was featured on here

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Lu Shengzhong posters

A few weeks ago I helped Oyunga with these posters for exhibitions at MMU by the artist Lu Shengzhong. It was a quick turnaround and I think a great collaborative effort from the two of us. The final pieces look very striking and the client was very happy with them.

Screen-printing tests for Burial album design

I've been working on an album design for a friends band recently and experimented with using metallic silver ink to lay down typography and logo marks onto a digital print. It's been a tricky process as the fine silver grains in the acrylic I tried were blocking up the screen and causing it to dry out very quickly, resulting in a poor print. Today I tried using an oil based lithographic ink instead which I thought would work better. It does go through successfully but the small type sizes on my design does not help and even still there are issues with defined edges on the larger print areas.I don't think the silver really works in the end anyway, it appears very grey and dull, not what I wanted. The job requires me to do a run of 100 and I don't think this process will be very helpful, considering I may have to wash the the screen down every couple of prints and redesign type sizes to equate for the bad flow of ink through the screen. Digital print will have to suffice for now, it is not plausible to run the heidelberg for such a short run nor is it to try foil blocking either. It was worth trying though.

Some images from the shoot on tuesday.

Marc Valli, Elephant Magazine talk. Noise Lab, 10.2.10

Holden Gallery exhibit 9.2.10

I exhibited my singularity print piece at the Holden gallery cafe this week. The supporting caption read: 'as mankind heads closer to the possibility of a singularity, it is imperative that we question our relationship with technology, and whether we, like old devices, may be made obsolete'.

Bryan Edmonson talk Inc. 52 Princess st. 28.2.10

Design a logo for INC and send it in.

Bryan studied at Newcastle and now works for Sea design. Paper is his obsession, whilst at uni he had papers donated to him by Robert Downe, he will always try and find an excuse to use paper when a client asks him to do work.

A big fan of Harper Bazaar between 92’ and 96’ and the title sequence done for James Bonds Thunderball by Maurice Binder.

He designed the cover for grafik magazines 150th issue, which were screen printed at K2 screen in London. Every cover was unique as they randomly and playfully selected and mixed colours, meaning people with subscriptions might get a bright pink cover or an ugly brown one without knowing, some people were going round shops and buying several copies so they had a varied collection.

He designed the poster and space for a Wim Crouwel exhibition. The colour scheme was sampled from eight pieces that were to be exhibited.

For another of his pieces he screen printed black on black and then gold onto the black to create a deep luxurious effect.

My favourite work is that which he has done for GFSmith, the paper manufacturer. It's experimental and striking imagery is a bold statement which I think shows confidence and vitality in the company.

He says the best designers are the ones always looking for something.

Liz on the panel said that you can be an independent inside a company, you contribute to it by being independent.

Bryan: Independence will be the most important thing in the next century, it will shine in globalization.

Alan Fletcher Work:Play exhibition Cube, Manchester

I went to the opening night of the Alan Fletcher exhibition in Manchester a few weeks ago. What an amazing show, I was never that familiar with Alan's work previously, which is quite shocking considering his unique approach and impact on the british design scene. Peter Saville was invited down to open the show and say a little about Alan, whom he had worked with briefly at Pentagram.

Peter said:

“One day I saw him crouched over a piece of paper with a paintbrush. Trying to ignore typesetting, he was putting down a message onto the paper in his handwriting. I stood over him and asked ‘Alan, can you remember typefaces? Or are you too old now?’, to which Alan smiled and replied: ‘Yes, I remember them, they’re a crutch for designers like you.’”

I was so impressed by the work and the great curation that I went back the following week to take photos and notes. One thing that stood out to me was that when he was studying at college, the tutors would lock the sans serif typefaces away in cabinets so students would not rely on them to create good work. I also thought his technique for collecting ephemera was particularly useful and original, keeping characters in bags by the letter and specific icons like the wine glass symbol from boxes to make new compositions. It's his fun and inquisitive nature that gives his work so much character and appeal.

Should buy the art of looking sideways.