Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bryan Edmonson talk Inc. 52 Princess st. 28.2.10

Design a logo for INC and send it in.

Bryan studied at Newcastle and now works for Sea design. Paper is his obsession, whilst at uni he had papers donated to him by Robert Downe, he will always try and find an excuse to use paper when a client asks him to do work.

A big fan of Harper Bazaar between 92’ and 96’ and the title sequence done for James Bonds Thunderball by Maurice Binder.

He designed the cover for grafik magazines 150th issue, which were screen printed at K2 screen in London. Every cover was unique as they randomly and playfully selected and mixed colours, meaning people with subscriptions might get a bright pink cover or an ugly brown one without knowing, some people were going round shops and buying several copies so they had a varied collection.

He designed the poster and space for a Wim Crouwel exhibition. The colour scheme was sampled from eight pieces that were to be exhibited.

For another of his pieces he screen printed black on black and then gold onto the black to create a deep luxurious effect.

My favourite work is that which he has done for GFSmith, the paper manufacturer. It's experimental and striking imagery is a bold statement which I think shows confidence and vitality in the company.

He says the best designers are the ones always looking for something.

Liz on the panel said that you can be an independent inside a company, you contribute to it by being independent.

Bryan: Independence will be the most important thing in the next century, it will shine in globalization.

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