Thursday, 11 February 2010

Screen-printing tests for Burial album design

I've been working on an album design for a friends band recently and experimented with using metallic silver ink to lay down typography and logo marks onto a digital print. It's been a tricky process as the fine silver grains in the acrylic I tried were blocking up the screen and causing it to dry out very quickly, resulting in a poor print. Today I tried using an oil based lithographic ink instead which I thought would work better. It does go through successfully but the small type sizes on my design does not help and even still there are issues with defined edges on the larger print areas.I don't think the silver really works in the end anyway, it appears very grey and dull, not what I wanted. The job requires me to do a run of 100 and I don't think this process will be very helpful, considering I may have to wash the the screen down every couple of prints and redesign type sizes to equate for the bad flow of ink through the screen. Digital print will have to suffice for now, it is not plausible to run the heidelberg for such a short run nor is it to try foil blocking either. It was worth trying though.

Some images from the shoot on tuesday.

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