Thursday, 15 April 2010


Late last night I took my hand to a little bit of amateur star spotting, I had my star maps, pencil, notepad, red filtered torch and most important, mug of hot tea. I observed several constellations including Ursa Major, Boötes, Leo, Leo Minor, Canes Venaciti, Coma Berenices, Cancer and Hydra.

In the hour that I spent out in the garden I happened to see a surprising amount of activity in the sky, I spotted what appeared to be either aircraft or satellites passing over on three different occassions and a small but bright flash that lasted less than a second in the region between Leo and Leo Minor.

I took a couple of few second exposure photos on my basic Olympus DSLR, documenting points of personal interest. Unfortunately the low light levels require long exposure to actually capture the light which is then smeared by the Earths rotation, I'm fairly satisfied with the results though.

Top image: Brightest star is Arcturus (part of the Boötes constellation)
Bottom: Part of the Ursa Major constellation known as the Big Dipper in the United States or the Plough in Britain.

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